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Innovative CBD based formulations designed to get you to your goal faster than ever before. PFX Labs pride themselves on delivering high quality supplements for everyone. From fitness professionals right through to those just looking to lose a bit of holiday weight. 

Formulations Designed with Your Goals in Mind

Why PFX Labs?

Our Formulations

We're proud to say that our supplements offer a clean way to supplement CBD with an extraction method that's a far cry from the majority of global manufacturers. We've been featured in many publications for the efficacy, safety and purity of our compounds and formulations.

ShredCBD by PFX Labs


Why We Use CBD in Our Products

PFX Labs Transparency Agreement

Our customers buy from us knowing that we won't make outlandish claims about our products. The use of scientific references is to inform and advise customers about research surrounding ingredients, and not as a sales tool. 

Our products do not treat or cure any disease or condition nor do we make any medical claims.

They are supplements designed to be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise program which we will always try and provide for free alongside directions and proper use of our products.